Setting Sail for the Fram Strait

We have set sail!

The ship is currently heading up towards Aberdeen where we will be dropping some people off and then we are northwards bound. We are sailing on the RRS James Clark Ross:

IMG_4025 (Small)

But where exactly are we going? The Fram Strait! Here is where it is located on a map:


Here is the ice map of the region, we want to get as close to the Greenland coast as we can.

Ice map 08_05_18 (Small)

So there is high likelihood of us running in to some ice!

Just now the waters look like this:

IMG_4047 - Copy (Small)

It will take us roughly 3-4 days to travel to our first sampling spot, so in the meantime we are setting up our labs.

DSC00524 (Medium)

We have tidied it up a little so it now looks like this:

IMG_4058 (Medium)

Ever wondered what the Bridge of the ship looks like? This is where all of the decisions on routes and directions are made.

IMG_4066 (Medium)

(Full ship tour is coming later, with food insights inlcuded).

Class 3.2 from Alloa Academy wondered how big the ship is – its 99m long and there are …. People on board! So it’s a big ship. It is ice strengthened which means that the front of the ship has been reinforced so it copes well in icy waters, but too much ice and we could still get stuck!

We have cups on board from Alloa Academy, Scotland and Mission Grove Primary School, London. We will be waiting for a deep station to send them down in to the icy waters!





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